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Kim Kardashian shuned after fans refused to be fooled by her hot bikini selfie



Alas it seemed to slip the mind of the 36-year-old reality star turned businesswoman on Wednesday as she shared a picture of herself in a nude bikini lounging on a sunbed poolside and captioned it: ‘It’s really hot today.’

Just one small problem Kim, that picture is actually over three years old and you shared it on July 24 2014 with the caption: ‘Last day to get my tan in…’

The new picture has been edited to focus more on Kim’s body whereas the original featured the pool and the ocean in the background; it was taken during a holiday to Mexico.

We have to admit, with the number of selfies Kim is famous for taking we’re surprised to learn she didn’t have a brand new image to share but she does look gorgeous in the picture from the trip to Mexico, so who can blame a girl?

Kim Kardashian’s original picture posted in 2014 (Picture: Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

Kim found fame on the E! reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and is married to Grammy award-winning rapper Kanye West.

The pair have two children and Kim recently admitted that she is ‘conscious’ of the fact that she is bringing up mixed-race children.

Kim Kardashian’s edited picture posted in 2017 (Picture: Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

‘I’m very conscious of it,’ she told Interview magazine.

‘Kanye always has his family around and people who look like my daughter – that’s important to me.’

Their daughter, five-year-old North, is ‘obsessed with her curly hair’ said Kim, ‘and if she finds someone who has the same hair, she runs to them and is like, “You have curly hair like me?” And we get to talk about it’.

Speaking of her sister Kourtney’s five-year-old daughter she said: ‘We also talk about it with my niece Penelope, because she and North look really different, but they’re best friends and they’re together all the time.’