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Ukraine electricity grid synched with Europe’s amid Russian attack



The electricity grids of Ukraine and Moldova had been fully synchronised with the continental European grid, ensuring their access to power as Russian invasion the country

European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen confirmed the move on Wednesday, saying on Twitter that the synchronisation would keep lights on and houses warm in these dark times.’’

Though Russia had not been specifically targeting critical energy infrastructure during its military campaign in Ukraine, a single missile could take out a key piece of infrastructure, leading to blackouts.

Several days after the start of the invasion, EU energy ministers gave their support to European Energy Commissioner, Kadri Simson’s proposal to speed up the synchronisation process of Ukraine’s power grid to the EU’s, initially planned for completion in 2023.

Simson described it as “a historic milestone for the EU-Ukraine relationship in this area, Ukraine is now part of Europe.’’

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