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Zambia enhances dialogue with citizens in diaspora



The Zambian Government said on Sunday that it was committed to meeting and engaging with citizens in the diaspora in order to ensure that they contribute positively to the country’s development.

Permanent Secretary for International Relations and Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chalwe Lombe, said it was the reason why the government has put in place a diaspora policy in order to enhance the engagement process, according to a release.

He said that he held a virtual engagement with Zambians living in South Africa, Madagascar and Lesotho.

Lombe said that having discussions with citizens in the diaspora will create a platform to exchange ideas on how the policy should be successfully implemented.

According to him, the government was aware of challenges facing Zambians living abroad such as the lack of access to national documentation and feedback.

He added that Diaspora Desks will be established in all ministries to facilitate effective administration of the diaspora matters.

Jackson Miti, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, said during the same meeting that all citizens should actively participate in the implementation of the diaspora policy.

Miti added that the policy was crafted with Zambians living in various parts of the world because the government realised the immense contributions they make to the economic and social welfare of the country. (Xinhua/NAN)

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