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‘I Robert Mugabe tender my resignation with immediate effect’, Zimbabwean President finally bowns out



Zimbabwean longest reigned president, Robert Mugabe, has finally left office after 37 years in office, as his autocratic control and brutality comes to an end within days of uproar from military.

The 93 year old assumed power since independence of Zimbabwe in 1980.

The news about Mugabe’s resignation was broken by the parliament speaker to a special joint session of the assembly after plan to impeach him, which was welcome by wild cheering and car horns from streets of the capital Harare.

Speaker Jacob Mudenda, reading the letter said, “I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation… with immediate effect.

“My decision to resign is voluntary on my part. It arises from my concern for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and my desire to ensure a smooth, peaceful and non-violent transfer of power that underpins national security, peace and stability.”

It capped an unprecedented week in which the military seized control, tens of thousands of ordinary Zimbabweans took to the streets to demand that the president go and Mugabe wrestled to remain in power.