Public jogging banned by the government- Police

The Sierra Leonean government has placed a ban on public jogging in the country.

The latest move was made known in a statement released by the Police stating that the exercise has been banned on the streets of the country because it has been found to encourage disruptive behaviors.

According to the statement released, the government forbids group jogging stating in the release that the people in the habit of jogging in large numbers encourage pickpockets and obstruct traffic amongst other offences.

The statement added that the “Police headquarters has observed with dismay that people are in the habit of jogging in large numbers along the streets with a hint of menace, raining insults, obstructing traffic, pounding on vehicles, playing loud music, and snatching property from other members of the public.”

The statement which was released on 27th of July further added that the ban takes effect immediately and is “in line with the constitutional consideration for public order and safety.”

The Police in the statement noted that “individuals desiring to jog for health reasons” were “at liberty to do so, but at recreational facilities or at the beach”.


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