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Women challenge each others with headstand yoga position



Women took to Instagram to engage in a handsfree headstand challenge after comedian Lil Duval dared them.

It all began when a Twitter user shared a photo of herself doing yoga. The woman took on the headstand yoga position without her hands supporting her head and people were in awe.

Lil Duval shared the White woman’s photo and said he doubts that any black woman can try it.

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Well, Black women chose to prove him wrong by sharing videos and photos of them doing the challenge.

See some of them below

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Dbanj celebrates his wife Didi Lineo on International Women’s Day



Nigerian singer, Dbanj has taken to his Instagram page to celebrate his wife, Didi Lineo, on International Women’s Day being today March 8, 2020.

Sharing this lovely photo of them posing together, the singer wrote: ‘Our women, we should love them, we should respect them, we should protect them.

Happy international women’s day.’

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Hourglass model! Precious Mumy taunts Internet with eye-popping curve



The Instagram model is fast gaining fame with series of eye-candy images of hers.

Precious Mumy as identified on her social media, might not be new to the Internet with her series of fitting skirt and body tight photos that has filled Instagram, but her sudden limelight may not be unconnected to those who have decided to share them with merited comments.

All smile, the model declared she runs no Twitter account

The model gladly flaunted her infamous tiny waist and spectacular hips, which those with sense of vision were unable to neglect. Precious’ fandom might soon escalate, though she still has less than 100,000 at the moment, the model freely impress them with her hourglass postures.

So bootiful: Precious Mumy must have much confidence in her left pair of buttocks, making her to flaunts it more

Her picture uploaded back in 2016, evidently the hips, buttocks and waist are still work in progress. Not giving up is the motivation

Her pictures has since thrown the Internet into a frenzy mood, with thousands and likes and replies asking her to check her DM for messages. Seems Precious Mumy might be cashing Naira soon when she eventually catch awareness of advertisers, especially in cosmetics industry and fashion related lines.

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Breastfeeding for 6 months halves diabetes risk in women: study



Breastfeeding for six months or longer appears to significantly cut the risk of a woman developing type II diabetes, a 30-year U.S. study said.

The Kaiser Permanente research, published in the U.S. journal JAMA Internal Medicine, analysed data from the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study, a national, multi-centre investigation that originally enrolled about 5,000 adults aged 18 to 30 in 1985 to 1986.

This study included 1,238 black and white women who did not have diabetes when they enrolled in CARDIA, or prior to their subsequent pregnancies.

Over the next 30 years, each woman had at least one live birth and was routinely screened for diabetes under the CARDIA protocol.

Participants also reported lifestyle behaviors such as diet and physical activity and the total amount of time they breastfed their children.

It showed that women who breastfed for six months or more across all births had a 47 per cent reduction in their risk of developing type II diabetes compared to those who did not breastfeed at all.

Women who breastfed for six months or less had a 25 per cent reduction in diabetes risk.

“We found a very strong association between breastfeeding duration and lower risk of developing diabetes, even after accounting for all possible confounding risk factors,” said lead author Erica Gunderson, senior research scientist with the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research.

The new findings added to a growing body of evidence that breastfeeding has protective effects for both mothers and their offspring, including lowering a mother’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Previous research identifying an association between breastfeeding and protection against later diabetes was conducted in older women using self-reported diabetes.

Several plausible biological mechanisms are possible for the protective effects of breastfeeding, including the influence of lactation-associated hormones on the pancreatic cells that control blood insulin levels and thereby impact blood sugar.

Tracy Flanagan, director of women’s health for Kaiser Permanente Northern California said: “we have known for a long time that breastfeeding has many benefits both for mothers and babies.

“However, previous evidence showed only weak effects on chronic disease in women.

“Now we see much stronger protection from this new study showing that mothers who breastfeed for months after their delivery, may be reducing their risk of developing type II diabetes by up to one half as they get older.

“This is yet another reason that doctors, nurses, and hospitals as well as policymakers should support women and their families to breastfeed as long as possible.”

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