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There’s nothing like generational curses! Reno Omokri links poverty to environment



Pastor Reno Omokri has debunked popular belief that poverty is caused by generational curses, but claims good environment and circumstances will engender productivity.

Former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan further noted that people who are rich should see themselves has being furtunate and never to use the opportunity to look down on others and tag them as lazy.

He said, “There are people who remain poor, despite their best efforts, due to their environment and other circumstances beyond their control.
Reno omokri

“When God blesses your efforts, don’t mistake His grace for your efforts. Don’t also think every poor person is lazy. Rather, use your wealth to remove those conditions that perpetuate generational poverty.

“There is NOTHING like generational curses. Rather, there are conditions that lead to generational poverty. Once those conditions are removed, the bridge that supported poverty is also removed”, Omokri noted.