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Parents are arrested for murder after their newborn daughter died from catastrophic injuries at two days old



A baby girl’s parents have been arrested on suspicion of murder after doctors switched off her life support, five months after she had been brought into hospital with catastrophic injuries.

Two-day-old Keira-Mae was rushed to Barnsley Hospital on May 16 and police attended after seeing the state of her injuries.

At 2.50pm on Monday, doctors at the hospital switched off the baby girl’s life support, as she never recovered from her injuries.

Mother Aimee, 31, and father Alex, 38, run a dog kennel business from their red-brick semi-detached home in Dale Close, Athersley, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Both parents are being questioned by police over the circumstances surrounding their daughter’s death.

Neighbours said the Jones were caring for about 16 dogs in kennels in their back garden.

‘My girlfriend spoke to Aimee a few times recently and Aimee was saying that doctors at the hospital wanted to turn off her daughter’s life support machine because she was not very well,’ said the neighbour.

‘We never saw them bring the little girl home and don’t know how she got injured.’

Another resident said: ‘It is a horrible thing to happen and I feel so sorry for the little girl.’

In July Aimee posted on her Facebook page: ‘Our baby girl Keira-Mae has been in intensive care since 16th May 2020.

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