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Influencer is devastated after the £3,000 puppy she bought online dies days after arriving malnourished and admits she was ‘uneducated’ about the risks of ‘puppy-fishing’ online



An influencer has urged pet owners to do their research before buying puppies online after the Pomeranian she bought through a Russian Instagram seller died after just days in her care.

Nail artist Sarah Woods, from Liverpool, who boasts nearly 39,000 followers on Instagram, was left distraught when the Pomeranian puppy she bought was delivered malnourished, underweight and covered in her own excrement.

The £3,000 puppy, named Sushi, was dropped off at Sarah’s home in the middle of the night in a van packed with other cages.

Puppy bought for £3000

Puppy delivered, sick and refused to eat

The ownership papers handed over with the dog stated she had been travelling for 30 hours and Sarah questioned whether she had been given food or water during that time. Sushi was taken to a vet, but died a few days later.

Here is the chat with the seller: