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Cristiano Ronaldo hits back at ‘jealous’ Carragher and Rooney



Cristiano Ronaldo has hit back at former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney after the Englishman had sent some criticism his way on Monday.

Rooney was left unimpressed by what the Portuguese had offered for the Red Devils in their 1-1 draw with Leicester City over the weekend, and Cristiano didn’t take the criticism too well.

Appearing on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Rooney called for Cristiano Ronaldo to be shipped out of Old Trafford this summer, along with midfielder Paul Pogba. He also claimed that signing the No.7 last summer was not in the club’s best interests.

“You’d have to say no,” Rooney said when asked if the former Real Madrid and Juventus forward’s return has worked out for United.

“If you look to the future, I think you have to go with younger, hungrier players to do everything possible to lift Manchester United in the next two or three years.

“He’s making progress, but he’s not the player he was when he was 20. That happens. He’s a goalscoring threat, but I think the rest of the game needs more.

“They need young, hungry players. I think they have good players. I think [Jadon] Sancho will be better next year, I think Marcus [Rashford] will be better next year.”

Shortly after, Rooney posted a photo of himself, Jamie Carragher and host David Jones on Instagram, saying how much he enjoyed his appearance on the show, and Cristiano Ronaldo was quick to comment.

“Two jealous,” Cristiano wrote, taking aim at Rooney and Carragher.

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