African leaders are no doubt making giant strides with their extra-milage steps to prove their humility and stamina to their subjects. But citizens in Nigeria and Liberia seems to expect these new display of talents to translate to robust economic reform and development, even as Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and George Weah remind the world of their innate stamina.

Africans in Twitter have reacted to President George Weah of Liberia showing off his football skills at the match between Nigeria and Liberia, even as the 51-year-old Ballon d’Or winner lasted 79 minutes on the field.

The game which ended with 2-1 in favour of Nigeria, say President Weah tried out a few tricks on the filed

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had walked 800meters, an evidence that he is still fit not to finish the present ruling but to run for the second term starting from 2019.

Reacting to the development, Africans share their different views:

Kome @KahunaKome said, “Liberia are fielding George Weah vs Nigeria 😂😂😂. A whole president with a pot belly. In a legit, FIFA recognised match.”

Kelvin Odanz @Kelvin_Odanz said, “George Weah honored Arsene Wenger with a Liberian NATIONAL award for what Arsene Wenger did for George Weah (Not Liberial). George Weah features for Liberia in a FIFA organized friendly match Vs Nigeria. If they call Africa a shit hole, y’all will flare up and scream racism.”

Olaleye Dada @olaleyedada said, “Hold on. George Weah is playing for Liberia? Against the Super Eagles of Nigeria? 😲 .I don’t understand again o. Is this an international friendly or an exhibition game?”


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