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Cuba’s wonder drug, Interferon Alfa-2B used for treating coronavirus

Cuba's wonder drug used for treating coronavirus

As the world battles the coronavirus outbreak, with the global death toll crossing 16,000, scientists are in a race to find the best cure. China, where COVID-19 emerged in late December last year, had shortlisted 30 drugs to fight the virus.

One of these medicines picked by the Chinese National Heath Commission has been creating news, with many calling it a wonder drug. The anti-viral drug called Interferon Alfa-2B is produced in China, by a Cuban-Chinese joint venture ChangHeber. Considered one of the stars of the Cuban biotechnology boom, the drug has reportedly been effective in the treatment of HIV, human papilloma virus, Hepatitis B and C.

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According to reports, this Cuban drug has proven effective in treatment of viruses that show characteristics similar to the novel coronavirus. While Ireland is considering bringing in Cuban drugs to combat COVID-19, Cuba has already sent its emergency contingent of doctors and nurses to fight the novel coronavirus in Italy.

The effectiveness of the interferon treatment on COVID-19 is yet to be scientifically proven.

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