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Metro: Scientists develop surgical glue that seal wounds in 60 seconds

Scientists have made a giant slide in developing a surgical glue, called Metro, that can seal wounds in 60 seconds.

Metro was developed from the collaboration of biomedical engineers from the U.S and the University of Sydney.

According to In The Know, the surgical glue is an elastic and adhesive glue that quickly seals wound after application without needing stitches or staples. Stitching a wound might take days to seal off, but with Metro glue the duration is just a minute.

The Gel-Like materia is then activated by UV-LIGHT and dissolves shortly after. Metro’s electricity makes it ideal for sealing wounds.

It further narrates that body tissues that continually expand and relax or the lung.

Metro surgical glue has been successfully tested on rodents and pigs and will soon be used in human trials.

Watch video below:

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