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Heartbroken bride thankful that lockdown unveils groom’s secret as married man



Lagos bride Yetunde Alaka thanks President Muhammadu Buhari, lockdown unlocks groom’s secret.

A Lagos would-be-bride, Yetunde Alaka, has described the lockdown imposed by President Muhammadu Buhari as a blessing in disguise.

Miss Alaka had her wedding scheduled for 5 April, but it was put off because of the coronavirus lockdown.

The postponement let her into a secret: her would-be-husband was already married to another woman.

”I had to stay with my in-laws to-be because of the lockdown and was surprised to hear them discussing about his first wife that I never knew existed.

”They still don’t know that I know. I just came up with some excuses to go and stay with a family friend residing near them.

”When some things happen, they appear to steal your joy, but they are truly a blessing in disguise.

”I am heart-broken, but I believe that the wedding didn’t happen as planned for a good reason,” Yetunde Alaka said.

President Buhari had announced extention of lockdown in his second address to Nigerians as a result of prevailing Coronavirus pandemic.

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