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There are video recording of the death of presidential candidate of the June 12 1993, Chief MKO Abiola, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, the former Chief Security Officer of late Gen Sani Abacha, has claimed.

Mustapha also said he was incarcerated because he protected the videotape and only few Nigerians know about the existence of the video.

He claimed the video contains the last moment of the late politician and businessman who was accliamed the winner of the 1993 election. But the claim has been refuted by both the late Abiola’s physician, Dr Ore Falomo and Yinka Odunkakin, a human right activist, saying Al-Mustapha is only making attempt to basterdize the history to favour himself.


Al-Mustapha made the statement about the videotape while delivering speech, titled ‘Developing leadership abilities in youths’ at the South-West annual lecture at Lafi Hotel Ibandan and organised by Asorodayo Youth Heritage Organisation

According to him, he was arrested on October 21, 1998. Not because of the death of Kudirat Abiola, but because of the videotape.

He added that, “The family of late Abiola is very close to me. But focus was shifted on me because something happened which a particular camera in the villa captured. They want to collect the tape and destroy it to cover up so that Nigerians will not know what hahppened. That started my predicament.”


Al-Mustapha was one of the most powerful men in Nigeria when he was CSO to Gen. Abacha as Head of State, with fearsome record for brutality, and high-handedness. He was arraigned for long list of charges shortly after the death of his boss but claimed, according to lecture he delivered in Ibadan, that his assailer were hiding under the guise that he commited crimes but that the was prosecuted for the videotape.

He said for 15 years he did not have an opportunity to defend himself in the media and people were made to believe he committed offence before his arrest.

“The cause of the death of MKO Abiola is in the video cassette which they want to see and that made Mustapha a subject for punishment with all sort of names. For 17 years, they have sought all means to know the whereabouts of the tape”, the former CSO added.


“Though I appeared before 14 judges in Lagos but they would not allow the case to have a conclusion and that went on for 15 years in that state. For more that 5 years I was in detention under torture. I spent the rest of the years in Kuje Prisons, Kirikiri Prisons, and Ikoyi Prisons.”

The former Chief Security Officer to Abacha however did not disclose the whereabout of the videotape.



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