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APC group charges Nigerian youths to get involved in politics



The All Progressives Coungress (APC) National Youth Advocates, a pressure group, says Nigerian youths must get involved in the political process, to bring about the necessary change in the country.

This is contained in a statement by National President of the group, Mr Timothy Nwachukwu on Wednesday in Abuja.

“You cannot change a process when you are not part of it. Nigerian youths have so much potentials that, if properly channeled, will be a great and invaluable asset to our nation, Nigeria.

“It is pertinent for youths to get involved in the political process by joining the rulling APC, register in your ward and become a card carrying member of the party.

“They should should attend party meetings and make meaningful contribution that will aid the leaders in making the right decision and formulating the right policies.

“It is unfortunate that some youths have been negatively mobilised by some political actors to engage in thuggery, violence and the likes, apparently because of poverty, unemployment and unregenerate mindset,” Nwachukwu said.

He noted that a situation where politicians recruit youths as thugs and armed them with dangerous weapons to terrorise the people was counter-productive.

Nwachukwu said that there were limitless and uncountable opportunities for Nigerian youths to take part in the political process especially at the decision making levels in Nigeria.

“However, poverty, displacement, barriers to education, multiple forms of discrimination and limited employment prospects and opportunities are some of the clog in wheels of growth and development.

“This has effected both the body and minds of majority of Nigerian youths and has also reduced them to a mere political tool in the hands of the country’s ruling class,” he said.

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