Kogi state deputy governor, Simon Achuba, has explained the cause of the lingering feud between him and his principal, Governor Yahaya Bello.

Achuba, who recently claimed that the governor is after his life and has sent assassins after him, said that the rift between him and Bello is because of the governor’s performance.

In an interview with Daily Trust, Achuba also accused the governor for fighting “perceived enemies.”

He said: “As I said earlier, as one that is given the privilege of leadership or in position, you are the father of all and you should know that people from time to time do things that may not be in line with your your own ideas. That is not to say they become enemies, what is important in leadership is dialogue, so when you throw dialogue away, you throw persuasion away and you engage in fight with those that you are supposed to work with, I don’t know what word can be used in describing such a leader because I assume that troubles surely will come where two, three or more are gathered so long as the opinions of these individuals, their backgrounds, their upbringings, their connections or even education are not the same.

“Their thought lines are assumed to flow differently. So, if anyone varies from your own idea, what you need to do is to sit with him and ask, why do you think you are saying what you are saying? Can you convince me whether we can toe your line and not getting into the ring and then fight everybody from bottom to down. It does not work and I continue to maintain that that is not right.”

Achuba said the governor has also refused to pay salaries of civil servants in the state.

He said: “In fact, it got to a point that he was convinced that civil servants are insignificant, which made me to rise up one day to say something that was very annoying to that person. I said if they they are insignificant, then let’s cancel them off and then run the state without civil servants but as long as they remain and they come to work, you must pay them their salaries.”

The deputy governor also accused Bello of starting several projects and being unable to finish none. “The third reason is infrastructure development. You see, where there is genuine plan, arrange your projects. You don’t just go here and flag-off this project, you go to another place and flag-off and then you end up flagging more than 50 projects and none will be working. Does that make any sense? You become a jack-of-all-trades doing nothing and that is the issue. And of course, many of you know that I’ve been critical of government and now that is my turn, I want to show a difference,” he said.


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