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Shehu Sani exposes youths who ‘buy nomination forms’ for politicians



Senator Shehu Sani has berated some group of Nigerian youths who go out masquerading themselves as supporters of politicians in order to deceive members of the public and have their personal gains.

According to the senator, those youths cannot even cater for themselves but connive with politicians to make names for themselves in an unscrupulous manner.

Sani said, “A group of youth struggling for daily bread approached me that I should permit them to announce that they bought a nomination form for me,as part of the political tradition,I politely declined.I don’t want to be in the league of that deceptive political tradition.They agreed.

He further said, “A politician and a friend gave me a pepper and a Handkerchief to rub on my face so as to shed tears ‘on the plight of the masses’ when I’m collecting and submitting my nomination form.I politely turned him down.I told him that I’m an activist and not an actor.”

Recently, the news circulate how different youth groups are vouching their support for some politicians and announcing that they donated money to purchase nomination and expression of interest forms to contest for the upcoming elections, attesting to the fact that those politicians have their total support.