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Ajekun Iya! Again, Melaye mocks ‘enemies of Nigeria’ while addressing crowd in UK [VIDEO]



Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi West addressed un-willing crownd in the United Kingdom during the Nottingham Carnival put together by the Lagos State Government.

Many were seeing shouting ‘Ole’ (thief), some scorning him, and some were also seen pointing their middle finger up (fuck you) to insult the senator while he was addressing them.

But the daunting lawmaker did not vacate their stage without singing his infamous anthem, which further kept the revolted crowd more angry as it was obvious they could not wait for him to descend the podium.

“I want to congratulate Lagos State for this fantastic outing; for taking the lead in tourism and entertainment in Nigeria. Thumbs up to Lagos State, thumbs up to Governor Ambode and thumbs up to the All Progressives Congress (APC) party. I also congratulate Nigeria for having a Governor like Ambode. There’s no country like Nigeria,” the Senator had said.

As soon as the crowd heard ‘APC’ in his speech, some members of the audience began to boo him and shouted ‘Ole!’ ‘Ole!’ ‘thieves!’ ‘Thieves!’ which forced Melaye to abruptly end his speech.

However, in his characteristic manner, he referred to those booing him as ‘enemies of Nigeria’ and sang the Ajekun Iya song to them.

See video below: