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Politics of Kwara State’s Chief of Staff



In the last one week, the kwara political space has witnessed various news of appointments of chief of staff with no confirmation or denial from the government, names such as Prince Mahee Abdulkadir, Prince Sunday Fagbemi, Yinka Aluko have been announced.

Prince mahee Abdulkadir who is in his early 70s like the late COS , is an ally of mallam Isiaka Abdulrazaq, the immediate younger brother of the governor. Mallam Isiaka Abdulrazaq who also produced the current deputy governor in person of Mr Kayode Alabi is said to have also recommended many other political appointees currently in government.

Alhaji Maher Abdulkadir was retired from the kwara state civil service by the Bukola Saraki’s administration, as a PS following many alleged wrong doings , such as trying to receive salaries from two departments of Governments, one as a PS and as a Clark of the HA.

Pros in his favor is that He is the son of late Emir Abdulkadir, it is believe that the rush to announce him was to try to force the hand of the governor. He is also said to have the support of the president COS.

Also announced on social media is Prince Sunday fagbemi from Ekiti, a very close political ally of the governor and a lawyer by profession, Prince fagbemi was the head of a faction that challenged chief Iyiola Oyedepo in the PDP days before Ootoge revolution brought every faction together to send the dynasty packing. He was a lot the governor’s deputy in CPC during the 2011 election.

Two weeks ago, Yinka Aluko popularly called homeboy was equally touted as the candidate for the position of chief of staff as he is said to have the ears of the governor on many state issues and a very close confidant of the governor. He holds two masters degrees and about concluding his PhD in Security and strategic development.

Another name is that of Arc. Kale Belgore who like Yinka Aluko is in his mid 50s and a member of the Governor’s cabinet. He however doesn’t enjoy the support of many of the people around the governor because of some of his actions very early in government that they believed painted the government in very bad light.

For exigency and right political calculation the race is clearly between Yinka Aluko and Fagbemi says many political pundits.

That is if the post of COS is not eventually scraped by the governor as political observers are now asking what the relevance of the position is considering the existing position of PPS and who seems to have a very good working relationship with the governor.

The coming days will definitely be an interesting one in the kwara state politics of COS.