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Ramadan: Zamfara Govt distributes food, other items to indigents



Gov. Bello Matawalle of Zamfara says the State Government has commenced the distribution of assorted food items and clothing worth over N 1.8 billion to indigents across the state.

Matawalle inaugurated the distribution on Saturday to mark the commencement of the Ramadan fast in Gusau.

The governor said the assorted items include 125,701 bags of food stuffs and 40,000 pieces of clothing materials.

“As we observe the first day of the holy month of Ramadan for the year 1443 After the Hijra of our noble Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), which is equivalent to April 2, 2022.

“I feel greatly delighted to inaugurate our yearly distribution of Ramadan packages to the people of Zamfara.

“We procured the items for Ramadan feeding and welfare at the total cost of N1,818,209,000.00.

“I send my greetings to my fellow people of Zamfara and the entire Muslim ummah, as we enter this great season.

“I pray that we will wholeheartedly partake in activities that will positively transform us and bring about our moral rebirth,” Matawalle said.

He urged Muslims in the state to increase acts of charity, constant recitation of the Holy Qur’an, and other devotional activities that would bring the ummah closer to their creator.

According to him, the holy Ramadan is an excellent opportunity for Muslims to reflect on the current challenges and pray to Almighty Allah to deliver the ummah from them.

“This is a religious and social responsibility that has been placed on our shoulders.

“I, therefore, implore each of us to spend more time praying to Almighty Allah for His mercy and benevolence to our State and Nigeria at large.

“Even though our number one security challenge of banditry remains a formidable one, we thank Almighty Allah for the successes being recorded by the day in this relentless fight.
“We will never give up until a total victory is achieved, In sha Allah,” he said.

Matawalle noted that the Ramadan for the year 2022 came at a more trying moment, especially for ordinary citizens.
The governor said in spite the progress made to address the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the prices are of commodities are globally on the rise, making life increasingly difficult for all strata of individuals.
“The global economic downturn has not spared Nigeria and, of course, Zamfara.

“The security challenges in Zamfara and other parts of the North have had impacts on farming and other economic activities in the far stretches of our state.
“The majority of average citizens who rely on these activities for a living find it more challenging to make ends meet.
“However, in keeping with the tradition of my administration of extending various social interventions to the people, especially during this holy month, we have significantly expanded this year’s Ramadan package.
“This time around, a total of 125,701 bags of food items and 40,000 pieces of clothing materials were procured for Ramadan feeding and welfare at the total cost of N1,818,209,000.00.
“These include 21,083 bags of rice; 14,264 bags of sugar; 10,491 bags of millet; and 6,991 bags of maize.

“Others include 9,206 cartons of milk; 1,076 bags of beans; 22,590 gallons of vegetable oil; and 40,000 pieces of clothing materials.

“Apart from these, Ramadan feeding would be conducted across all Juma’at mosques in the 14 local government areas of the state,” Matawalle said.

The governor explained that the government had instructed all the Imams of Juma’at mosques to make adequate arrangements for feeding of faithful in their mosques.
He said the Ramadan feeding would also be carried out across the 2,516 polling units in the state.

He commended other individuals and organisations for the similar gestures extended in support of the poor and other vulnerable groups in the state.

“I implore them to keep on the good work as Allah will continue to bless them and their families.

“Based on our experience in the previous exercises, we have taken appropriate measures to ensure that the commodities provided by the government are distributed equitably.

“I call on those charged with the responsibility of distributing the items to fear Allah and ensure a transparent and accountable exercise.

“We will not hesitate to sanction anyone found selfishly diverting the commodities or distributing them in a manner that is not in conformity with the laid down procedure.

“I pray to Almighty Allah for a peaceful and blessed month of Ramadan and May Allah accept all our ibadats and shower us with His protection at these trying times and at all times,” Matawalle said.

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