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‘Human Satan’ cuts off ears to celebrate end of COVID mask protocol



For his extreme body modifications and transformations, Michel Faro do Prado is tagged Human Satan, and has just removed his ears to mark the end of the Covid mask mandate.

The Brazilian has undergone extensive body modifications over the years, including dozens of tattoos and piercings, and even customized his teeth to complete his devil-like image.

The tattoo artist has now lopped off his ears after Brazil removed its mask mandate which had been imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A photo of the man known as “Diabão” in his native country, was posted on the social media site Reddit showing off his new look, minus his ears.

Many commentators were simply stunned by his actions, with one commentator simply writing: “WHAT!??”

Others took the chance to crack a joke or two, as one said: “Hope he does not get an airpods or earbuds this Christmas.”

Another raised the question of it just being impractical, commenting: “That’s gonna be a b***h. He knows ears serve more purpose than holding on a mask right?”

A fourth person added: “I just don’t understand how someone can modify their body to this extent. There’s no going back. If you try to fix this, you’ll still have scarring and disfiguration. You’ll never look like your old self again and will have to live with this the rest of your life.”

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