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Professional baby namer gets paid up to $30,000 to name children



A professional baby namer has opened up about her unique career, revealing that clients pay her up to $30,000 to find them the perfect moniker for their child.

Taylor A. Humphrey, 33, from New York, is the founder of ‘What’s in a Baby Name,’ a boutique consultancy that offers everything from name lists based on parents’ answers to a questionnaire to a full-service baby naming concierge.

Her services start at $1,500 for a bespoke list of options and can cost thousands more, depending on the job. For the price of $10,000, she will come up with a name that ‘will be on-brand with a parent’s business,’ The New Yorker reported.

‘If you look at the most popular baby names, it’s such a telltale sign of our cultural values and our aspirations,’ she told the magazine in a profile published in the latest issue.

Humphrey, who doesn’t have children of her own but also works as a doula, is willing to go to great lengths to help parents find the ideal name, including a genealogical investigation to find old family names.

She helped name more than 100 children last year, and part of her job is counseling parents through the process. In one instance, she talked a mom out of changing her infant daughter’s name, Isla, over concerns that people kept mispronouncing it.

During another emergency situation, she curated a list of 50 names for a child who is Lebanese, French, and being raised in America. The client ended up choosing the name Chloe, her top recommendation.

Humphrey recently came up with the name Parks for a couple who had their first kiss in a town called Parker and were looking for a more unique moniker.

The consultant offered a glimpse into how she finds new names, saying she scans everything from film credits to street signs for inspiration.

She also follows trends using the Social Security database and notes the names that are in a sharp decline due to negative associations to things like natural disasters and certain brands.

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