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Amend your ways to suit God’s purpose, Pastor Lazarus Muoka admonishes Nigerians



The General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, on Sunday urged Nigerians to refrain from evil deeds in order for God’s purpose for the country to materialise.

He gave the admonition in his message of salvation to end the church’s two-day revival crusade with the theme “From Sorrow to Joy” which held at the church’s headquarters in Ijesha, Lagos.

He frowned at the rate of criminality and dehumanising conducts exhibited by some Nigerians and pointed out such acts were capable of making God’s grace and benevolence to elude the society.

Muoka expressed regrets about the growing domestic violence among couples, especially the young ones, and which led to separation and divorce.

He said the institution of marriage should be held sacred by the society.

The general overseer tasked couples to listen to the word of God that instructed men to love his wives and for wives to be submissive to their husbands for harmony and understanding to exist in their marriage.

Muoka said God has purpose for everyone and for it to be realised people must play their part while God would do His part.

He condemned the rampant cases of kidnapping in the society and noted it was a bad omen.

“It portrays the society in bad light and those in it should refrain from the act as it is unpleasing to God.

“Indecent dressing, drunkenness, greed, self aggrandisement and lies are conducts that can erect a boundary between a people and God and consequently lead people to hell.

“Our sojourn in this part of the globe is not by mistake, there is a purpose for it as designed by God and, therefore, we should do away with all such things and allow God to redirect our paths both as an individual and as a nation,” he said.

Muoka condemned drug abuse among the people, saying the act tended to take away God’s grace from the society.
He urged those involved in drug abuse to put an end to it, describing the human body as the temple of God.

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