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Association seeks support for women in leadership positions



Association seeks support for women in leadership positions
The Abuja and North chapter of the Queen’s College Old Girls Association (QCOGA) has called for more support for women vying for leadership position politically and in private organisations.

The association’s President, Mrs Ifeuko Omoigui-Okauru made the call during a 10km walk, in Abuja on Sunday as part of activities to celebrate its 94th Founder’s Day.

Omoigui-Okauru emphasised the need for such support to also be extended to women vying for political positions ahead of the 2023 general election.

She stressed on the need to support the Girl-Child education.

According to her, women if given the opportunity will excel above expectations and record successes in anything they venture into due to their hardwork, diligence, empathy and commitment.

” We are here to support our members and celebrate our members who are doing various things in the society; leaders in the advancement of women, leaders in education, banking, law, consultancy and government.

“And also to propagate the spirit of having women in position, in politics.

“We should be shooting for a woman president, a woman vice president.

“All these should be on the table and that is why we walk to celebrate that day to honour that day and to put on the table that girl child education is critical for the society,”she said.

The president also said investing in the Girl-Child education from the formative years brought out their potentials and prepared them for leadership positions.

She noted that access to education for the Girl-Child empowered and made them less vulnerable to Gender Based Violence and other harmful traditional practices affecting the girl child.

“Invest in Girl-Child education because the beginning of leadership of a woman begins with how she starts in primary school, secondary school.

” It doesn’t start when you are in the University or when you are working. The seeds are planted when you are young, in the home,”she said.

Omoigui-Okauru further said that the association was also gathering funds to support some earmarked projects in the school as well as assist members in need.

Dr Salamatu Hussaini-Sulaiman, member, Board of Trustees, QCOGA said that the essence of creating the school and many others was to enhance unity amongst the diverse cultures in the country.

Hussaini-Sulaiman attributed the lack of unity and poor standard of education in the country to inadequate funding, insecurity, corruption and poor leadership.

” At the time we went to school, there was security, our parents were comfortable leaving us to travel to Queens College in Lagos from Kebbi where I come from.

” But now you can hardly find a parent agreeing to send his child unsupervised as everybody wants to keep their child near them because of insecurity, “she said.

The board member said there was urgent need to adopt strategies to end security challenges affecting the nation due to its devastating effects on the education sector.

” The issue of security is a general one and it is not only in schools but the entire country.

“Unless insecurity situation is addressed, it is going to deter the progress of this country, education , industry and even the Federal Government civil service,” she said.

However, Ms Ginika Ezeoke, Assistant Secretary of the association said the 10km walk was an opportunity for the old students to bond, interact and exchange ideas that would enhance the development of the school.

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