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Poland to set up temporary Covid-19 hospital in Warsaw stadium



Poland will use part of its national stadium in Warsaw as a temporary hospital for Covid-19 patients, a government official said on Monday.

“We want the first 500 beds to be available for patients before the end of the week,’’ the head of the prime minister’s chancellery Michal Dworczyk told Radio Zet broadcaster.

The hospital, which will be set up in the stadium’s conference space, will have around 50 intensive care beds, according to the official.

It will be manned by local medical personnel as well as personnel from outside Warsaw, territorial defence forces and the fire department, the official said.

“I am convinced we will be able to find personnel,’’ Dworczyk said.

Preparations for creating temporary Covid-19 hospitals are ongoing in several other regions in Poland, he said.

Poland has recorded a significant increase in new cases of the coronavirus in recent weeks, with more than 9,600 cases reported on Saturday and more than 8,500 on Sunday.

Concerns are growing over the capacity of the healthcare system to accommodate a rapidly growing number of Covid-19 patients who need hospitalisation and intensive care.

Staff shortages have been reported by some hospitals.