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Man arrested after he licked his fingers and wiped his saliva on a train’s handrail amid coronavirus crisis (video)



A man has been arrested after he took off his face mask while on a train, then licked his fingers, before wiping his saliva on a train’s handrail amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The passenger was on a Belgian subway train when he was filmed lowering his face mask, putting two fingers into his mouth and then rubbing the pole up and down.

The footage was posted online and transport authorities confirmed that the man has been arrested.

Belgium public transport provider The Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company said: “The man (intoxicated) was arrested by the police and our security service. The subway train has been removed from service for cleaning. For your information, our metros are cleaned every day.”

In Belgium, there are 314 confirmed coronavirus cases with one death.

Watch the video below.