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NYSC sponsored our wedding– Married serving Corps members



Married serving Corps members

Married serving Corps members

The National Youth Service Corps fulfilled its vow to Muhammad and Hauwa by sponsoring their wedding while the couple still undergoing the one year compulsory service.

Confirming to Punch that NYSC sponsored their wedding, Mohammad said, “NYSC did. The Kano State NYSC Coordinator, Ladan Baba, also attended the wedding, alongside our parents and family friends. They all contributed to the success of the wedding.”

They met at the orientation camp and started their relation which ended in marriage after 10 months, 28-year-old Mohammad scared he might lose her if dating was prolonged further.

Mohammad said, “We met at NYSC kitchen when we were in camp. We just clicked when we first met; it was love at first sight! We were both struggling to be served lunch. But the moment I saw her, I fell in love with her. However, I did not realise that it would culminate into marriage so soon. It’s God’s work.

Speaking of while they could not wait till end of service year to culminate their marriage, Mohammad said, “Time, they say, is of essence, and marriage is an institution ordained by God, who is the owner of our lives. I rely on this to hasten the marriage, instead of waiting for the end of our service year. I felt if I waited much longer than now, I might change my mind and start a fresh relationship with someone else who may not be right for me. So, I hastened the marriage because I felt it was an opportunity I could not afford to miss.”