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Dabiri-Erewa speaks on Nigerians in China infected with coronavirus



The Director General of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, has spoken on the outbreak of coronavirus in China which is spreading globally.

She confirmed that no Nigerian in China has been infected with the coronavirus, stating that the Nigerian embassy has promised to ensure their safety from the spread of the virus.

The close ties between Nigeria and China especially in the areas of business and education exchange is now a source of worry to Nigerians.

Their concern stems from the likelihood of a spread of the virus to Nigeria due to the volume of travel between the two countries.

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The Director General of the Nigerian in Diaspora Commission has cautioned Nigerians in China to be very careful and to Faithfully observe personal hygiene in order to avoid infection.

The very fatal virus has now spread to over 18 countries in the world, killing over 6000 people in China where it started from and ravaging other countries where the virus has reached.

At the moment there is no report that any Nigerian, especially those resident in China, has been infected by the virus. Government is also evaluating the risk for Nigerians in countries affected by the virus, if the need arises.

Part of what is causing anxiety, is that many Chinese citizens travelled to their home country for the lunar holidays and Nigerian entrepreneurs also travelled to China during this period for product sourcing.

A lot of chinese citizens returned home for the holidays, prompting the government to extend the break in a bid to contain the spread of the virus beyond its borders