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Gay lovers caught having sex in Lagos, arraigned (photo)




Ebere Nwankwo, 18 years old and Job Martins, 20 years old were allegedly caught having sex and have denied doing the act before an Igbesere Magistrate Court on Thursday.

Nwankwo who is a cleaner was said to have stolen an ATM card belonging to Martins and withdrew  N22,000 therefrom. Job was said to have given a condition to have sex with Nwankwo through his anus as a payback for his stolen money which he obliged with that he would only do it once.

The police prosecutor told the court that the defendants were caught having sex through the anus. “When asked why they engaged in such an act, Nwankwo said Martins, whom he described as his boyfriend, forced him to have sex with him through the anus because he took his ATM to withdraw N22,000 from his account.

“Nwakwo said he had promised to pay him back the money when he collects his salary, but that Martins replied that he didn’t want the money, but gave him a condition which was to allow him to have sex with him (Nwakwo) through the anus,” a police prosecutor told the court.

Nwankwo allegedly agreed to the act, on the condition that it would be the last that he would have with Martins, as he did not like the act since he was not a girl.

But they were caught in the act by some people who reported the matter to the police.

They both pleaded not guilty, but were denied bail, as the court said it was only the high court they could approach for bail.

The magistrate adjourned the case till November 11 for legal advice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution