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A Nigerian doctor is currently facing jail term for sexual harassment.

Dr Adekunle Williams Owolabi who practices his profession in Labrador West, Canada, was recently arrested and arraigned in court after his patients reported several cases of sexual harassment against him.

Dr. Adekunle Williams Owolabi is shown in court in St. John's on Monday Sept. 26, 2016. A disciplinary hearing was held Monday for a Labrador medical doctor accused of inappropriate kissing and making sexual comments. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sue Bailey

Dr Adekunle Williams Owolabi is shown in court in St. John’s on Monday Sept. 26, 2016.

Owolabi who was found guilty of four counts of professional misconduct, was suspended with his license taken away for six months. A tribunal established by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador, looked into the matter and arrived at the conclusion that his license be suspended.

Testifying against him, one of his victims Arlene Johnson, said Owolabi had made sexual comments to her when she had kept an appointment for a pelvic examination. According to her, after her examination, he hugged her close and whispered “You have a beautiful c–t, does your husband tell you that?”.

Another complainant said she was pregnant and naked from her waist down when he harassed her during her own appointment. She said Owolabi asked her “Do you like big ones or small ones?” According to her, there were two female secretaries in the room.

Dr Owolabi

According to the tribunal, Owolabi’s actions showed a lack of respect for his patient’s privacy. He was therefore mandated to have a supervisor around whenever he has an appointment with female patients for the next two years, when he returns to practice after his six-months suspension.

Owolabi was also ordered to undergo a training course where he’ll be taught to respect patients, he was also ordered to pay $75,000 (about N33 million) which would take care of the costs of holding a hearing of his case later.

See more pictures of Owolabi in court:



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