Another Double Eviction! Ella & Kim Oprah evicted from the BBNaija “Pepper Dem” House

Fans bid farewell to two more housemates at BBNaija’s Sunday Eviction Show

14 July 2019  – Big Brother Naija “Pepper dem” housemates Ella & Kim Oprah have been evicted from the Big Brother Naija show. Ella & Kim Oprah who were evicted on Sunday, July 14th, 2019 are the third & Fourth housemates to leave the house during the live Sunday night show.

Ella & Kim Oprah faced eviction alongside three other housemates, Mercy, Tacha & Sir Dee after being nominated by their fellow housemates on Monday night.

Earlier in the week, Frodd had the power to save himself and replace with another housemate of his choice because of the veto power card he won, he replaced himself with Mercy.

Evicted Housemates, Ella & Kim Oprah join other evicted housemates, Avala and Isilomo who were evicted after barely a week in the house.

The BBNaija live eviction show on Sunday also featured an energetic performance from Afro-House Queen, Niniola who thrilled the audience with her latest single ‘Boda Sadiq’ and other hit singles, ‘Designer’ and ‘Bana’ whilst DJ Big N thrilled the crowd as the night’s resident DJ.

There are now only 17 housemates still in the race to win the 30-million-naira cash and 60 million worth of prizes courtesy of Big Brother Naija. Viewers can now vote for their favourite housemate in the Big Brother Naija house via SMS by texting VOTE and the NAME of the HOUSEMATE to 32052 (SMS costs N30 for Nigeria only). Fans can also VOTE FOR FREE on the website and mobile site – With the all new MyDStv & MyGOtv Apps you, fans can GET additional 100 VOTES for their preferred housemate. Download the MyDStv or MyGOtv app today (available to subscribers in Nigeria) on your iOs or Android mobile app store.


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2019 BBNaija: Frodd wins Veto power of chance badge

BBNaija housemate, Chemeka Okoye aka Frodd has become the second housemate to win the Veto power of the chance badge.

News Agency of Nigeria that Frodd emerged victorious in a series of games played after the Sunday live eviction show, taking the title from Kim Oprah.

The winner of this week’s Veto game will have the power to Save and Replace a nominated Housemate from Monday’s nomination.

In addition, the winner will also be rewarded with 100 Bet9ja coins. As Biggie said, housemates now understand the power of their Bet 9ja Coins following the eviction of Avala and Isilomo.

For the games, 19 stools were placed in the Arena Games Area with cups and a possible gift hidden under each cup.

Each Housemate took up a position in front of each of the stools – which gave an equal probability of winning for each Housemate.

Ike, Mercy, Ella, Kimoprah, and Seyi uncovered chocolate treats under their cups. Housemates also had to sing the national anthem and imitate other housemates.

In the end, Frodd picked the badge and earned the extra coins that came with the title, leaving the others downtrodden.

NAN reports that the show tagged ‘Pepper Dem’ continues as housemates gear up for nominations on day eight.

Big Brother Naija Season 4 premieres June 30th


MultiChoice Nigeria has announced that the fourth season of Africa’s biggest reality TV show, Big Brother Naija will premiere on Sunday, 30th of June 2019 across all DStv packages on channel 198 and on GOtv Max and Plus on channel 29.

This year’s Big Brother Naija will be hosted in Nigeria for the first time since 2006 and is sponsored by Bet9ja.

Speaking on the announcement, the CEO of MultiChoice Nigeria, Mr. John Ugbe said: “The Big Brother franchise remains one of the most exciting content options available to viewers across the world. Big Brother Naija, which is easily the most popular version in Africa, is finally here and for the first time since 2006, the show will be hosted in Nigeria. Our viewers should expect the very best of entertainment, intrigue and drama, all delivered with excellent production standards straight from a house here in Nigeria.”

The fourth edition of Big Brother Naija follows the hugely successful past season themed ‘Double Wahala’, which saw the emergence of pilot and fan favorite Miracle Ikechukwu as the winner of N45 million worth of prizes. This year’s auditions featured an increased number of venues across the country from six to eight, with one anonymous housemate also selected via an exciting and first-of-its kind online audition. The excitement for the forthcoming show was further ramped with a hugely popular reunion show with housemates from the previous edition discussing highlights and controversial moments from their time in house.

Big Brother Naija season 4 will premiere on Sunday, 30th of June 2019 across all DStv packages on channel 198 and on GOtv Max and Plus on channel 29.

BBNaija: Day 22: Walking On Eggshells

With a shrinking number of Housemates, the competition for the Head of House title has intensified.

For this week’s Head of House challenge, Biggie gathered the Housemates into the Arena and gave them clear instructions for a peculiar game. In a guys vs girls contest, each Housemate was fitted with plastic cups tied onto the wrists, knees and feet. They had to run to the end of the Arena and place the ball into buckets. From the side benches where they were seated, Housemates looked totally puzzled as after three weeks, they had learned the hard way, that Biggie always has his way.

Don’t Be So Serious

Understandably they looked unconvinced and somewhat hesitant, which worried Biggie. To reassure them, Biggie sent two Ninjas into the Arena to give a live demonstration of what he expected, cause Biggie joked ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’. This unexpected stroke of humour from Biggie cracked Housemates up and also considerably lightened the mood, a much-welcome respite from the grieving atmosphere that has cloaked the House since the first Evictions. Biggie really does have a dry sense of humour as he has proven in the past as he seemed to have enjoyed inflicting twisted and torturous punishments upon the Housemates.

Ladies First

Forever the gentlemen, the guys first helped fit their female pairs with the rather odd equipment of empty plastic cups and cheered them up from the back of the room, as they played the game.  While the spirit of solidarity seemed to have grown even stronger since the fateful Evictions, Cee-C kept Anto on the corner of her eye as she didn’t like her pairing with Tobi.

Against all odds, representing the boys, Leo, Miracle, as well as Ifu-Ennada and Ahneeka on the girl’s side were shortlisted to run for the last Head of House challenge. Tune in after the Nomination show tonight to find out who will be the winner.

BBNaija: Tears for fears of eviction looms housemates

As the possibility of being evicted looms on the horizon, the Housemates seem to be full of raw emotion, tension and wild energy.

It could have been the alcohol, pre-show jitters or just something in the air, needless to say there were lot of tears flowing through the Big Brother House last night. First Lolu absolutely broke down to his core after DJ Exclusive recognised him at the Saturday party. Was it all just a star struck burst of emotion or was Lolu feeling some type of way in accordance with some kind of strategy? Later in the night, a few of the Housemates had some deep midnight chats, consequently Alex also has an emotional explosion, saying that she will be the one to go home tonight. Both Leo and Khloe ran to her aid and comforted her and Khloe told her that it was “just a game”.

Tonight is the Live Show and the Housemates are fully feeling the heat. After Biggie requested that everyone start getting prepped, the gossip began to flow. Princess openly stated that she hopes she is not going home tonight because she wants to get Tobi and Cee-C out the House. She also spoke about Karma where she was secretly, not so secretly referring to Cee-C. Meow! Angel and Ahneeka also had an interesting “romantic” conversation last night where Angel asked Ahneeka to be his “special babe” in the House. After slapping him with some rules, she agreed. Really feelings or strategic move? Only time will tell

After all the action, gossip and tense exchanges last night, there is a weird energy in the House. Even though everyone is getting primped, preened and glammed up to the nines, all the Housemates are visibly tense. Apart from Angel who is all smiles. Alex has been stressed since waking up, Tobi has been very scarce and Anto has been extremely vocal, sharing her opinion on everything from hair to her opinions about work and life outside the House. All the Housemates are awaiting their fate tonight and even though no one will actually be evicted, the dynamic will definitively experience some big changes. Biggie knows how to shake things up.

BBNaija: Day 14: The Big Fat Fake Joke

Nigerian songstress Niniola opened this third BBNaija Live Show to a delirious audience with her hit Maradona.

As a new week started, Host Ebuka took a moment to chat Housemates up, poking Cee-C and Miracle about their relations with Tobi and Nina. Well Cee-C couldn’t stand being put on the spot as she hid her face behind Tobi’s shoulder. While Miracle embarrassed grin forced him to shyly look away.

There was so much more bang for Big Brother’s bucks tonight, as Host Ebuka grilled the Nominated pairs further. He called on Pritto, Loto, K_Square, Angelifu and Bamteddy to rise only to Save Loto and K_Square. One could have heard a pin drop, as the remaining Nominated pairs held their breath. In the heat of the moment, some serious teeth grinding, eye twitching and fist tightening happened.

After a brief interlude to chat other Housemates up, Host Ebuka casually informed the Nominated pairs that it was actually a big fat and fake joke, that they were Safe and that the real Nominations were only just about to start. No one expected that it would be self-composed Anto who upon hearing the news fell on her knees, hand-wiping tears and shaking of relief. It also came as a surprise that Lolu collapsed into Alex’s arms to be hugged while loudly wailing, although his sobbing was covered by louder shouts of joy.

Riding the wave of respite, Host Ebuka introduced a hips-shaking game to shortlist the runners to the Head of House title. In the Arena, the ladies of the House gracefully though hysterically executed themselves, and Khloe, Ifu-Ennada and Bambam emerged as the triumphant trio. Then the guys of the House had their turn, but their performance was so out-of-sync and so loud that within seconds, Big Brother interrupted the game, disqualifying all of them in one breath. Poor guys – the look of defeat on their faces was priceless as they dragged their feet out of the Arena. But defeat as the saying goes is only a bad news.

BBNaija: Isn’t that too much secret to tell on TV? Nigerians reacts to Alex’s abortion at 16

Just as the theme says, “Double Wahala”, the 2018 edition of Big Brother Naija won’t stop to thrill its viewer as the Housemates are all kind of people with questionable pasts.

Maybe Alex had said too much for the national TV, to have shared with a fellow housemate Leo an heart-breaking story of how she was almost rapped by a doctor who conducted an abortion for her at the age of 16.

And trust Nigerian internet won’t let a second pass before dropping their reactions, some are positive and other are not.