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Osinachi’s mother tells court she had only ulcer, how her husband calls her witch



Madam Caroline Madu, the mother of the late gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, yesterday, told a Federal Capital Territory High Court, Abuja, that the gospel singer had only ulcer, and that Osinachi’s husband, Peter Nwachukwu, called her (Caroline) a witch and threatened to kill Osinachi.

The 61-year-old Caroline Madu, who appeared as the first prosecution witness before Justice Njideka Nwosu-Iheme, yesterday, told the court how Mr Nwachukwu beat the late songbird and how her plans to rescue her daughter failed.

According to Madu, the last time she set eyes on her daughter was about a year ago when she went for a programme in Enugu, where she (mother) resides.

She told the court that Peter never allowed Osinachi to visit Enugu and even pick up her calls.

She said: “It is about a year since I last saw her. She came for a programme in Enugu and I went there to see her. I have never gone to her house since she got married.

“When I was sick she said she would have to beg her husband first before she can come and see me.

“My daughter’s husband did not allow me to visit them. He used to call me a witch. I have been begging her to come, she said if she comes he would kill her and that she has to ask her husband first, that her husband would not allow her to come out, if she does, he would cane her.”

She recalled going to church with them one day and after the service, Peter drove off with the kids leaving Osinachi and her stranded.

The singer’s mother, who spoke in Igbo language but translated by Iheohara Chukwuka and Ufomadu Justina, accused Peter of coming to steal her child.

During Osinachi’s pregnancy, the mother said her husband would beat her and when she asked her to come and see her, the singer’s husband would refuse.

The mother said the situation forced her to send her elder daughter, Favour Madu, to go and bring Osinachi home.

The move was successful as Osinachi stayed a year and three months before Peter sent some pastors to plead with her family to take her back.

According to her, Osinachi agreed, telling her family: “What God has joined together, no man should put asunder.” The late singer was said to have returned to her husband, who then resumed the beating.

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