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Huffington Post runs Trump caveat

Donald Trump: Huffington Post warns voters
Donald Trump: Huffington Post warns voters

Popular online news portal Huffington Post now runs a caveat on US Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

Every story now published by the platform has a footnote from the editor that further dents Trump’s voter appeal and warns would be voters about Trump’s character.

The note says: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar,rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.”

It even has a video of Trump’s lies.

It was not clear when the newspaper decided on this course.

But last year, as the Republicans began the nomination race, Huffington Post editors said that they would consign Trump political  stories into the entertainment section of the portal.

Washington bureau chief of the paper, explaining the decision then said Trump’s campaign ‘will be a side show’.

Trump however went on to win the Republican nomination, to the bewilderment and horror of the party’s establishment and many Americans.

On Friday, Huffington Post in several posts further undermined Trump’s campaign for the presidency, in featuring a post by Virgin Atlantic founder, Richard Branson.

Richard Branson described a “bizarre” meeting with Trump at some point in the past that left him “disturbed and saddened.”

According to Branson, the Republican nominee invited him over “some years ago” for a one-on-one lunch at his gilded Manhattan apartment. Soon after sitting down to the meal, Branson said, Trump launched into a vicious tirade, vowing vengeance on people who’d refused to lend him money during one of his six bankruptcies.

“Even before the starters arrived he began telling me about how he had asked a number of people for help after his latest bankruptcy and how five of them were unwilling to help,” Branson, 66, wrote. “He told me he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying these five people.”

Branson said Trump “didn’t speak about anything else.”

“I was baffled why he had invited me to lunch solely to tell me this,” Branson wrote. “For a moment, I even wondered if he was going to ask me for financial help. If he had, I would have become the sixth person on his list!”

Valued at about $5 billion, Branson is now one of several people in the so-called “three comma club” to criticize Trump.

“What concerns me most, based upon my personal experiences with Donald Trump, is his vindictive streak, which could be so dangerous if he got into the White House,” wrote Branson, who, as a British citizen, cannot vote in the U.S. election. “For somebody who is running to be the leader of the free world to be so wrapped up in himself, rather than concerned with global issues, is very worrying.”

By contrast, Branson said, the conversation at the first one-on-one lunch he shared with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton revolved around education reform, the war on drugs, women’s rights, conflicts around the world and the death penalty.

“She was a good listener as well as an eloquent speaker,” he wrote. “As she understands well, the President of the United States needs to understand and be engaged with wider world issues, rather than be consumed by petty personal quarrels.”

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