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Oyedepo attacked for criticizing Nigerian Govt for closing church but reopening market



Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church, a.k.a Winners Chapel, has come under attack for criticising the reopening of markets while churches remained closed in Nigeria.

As part of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, the Nigerian government banned religious gatherings till further notice.

FELLOW PRESS earlier reported that the clergy man had criticized the government for shutting down churches but reopended markets, adding that there were hidden agender.

However, Oyedepo speaking on Wednesday morning during the Covenant Hour of Prayer programme of the Church, said the continuous closure of churches was suspicious.

He disclosed that the Lord told him that it was part of moves to stop the church of God from expanding.

His comments did not go down well with some Nigerians on social media.

They criticised Oyedepo for taking such stance, adding that the church is not essential like the market, hence the closure should not be politicised.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@Justinabenson10 “It is quite simple for me, churches aren’t running “essential services” like our markets offer. Bishop Oyedepo of all people should understand this. So who has died because he couldn’t go to church or mosque? Same can never be said of the markets, people need to re-stock supplies.”

@Ogbenibambam “I guess Bishop Oyedepo is fighting for his pocket and not God, No one can fight the battle of the Lord.”

@Abdrahimnda “This is why we are so poor in mind, in thoughts and pockets. We think everything is about religion. Why won’t people go to markets for 6hours? Will you feed them at the church? Or is it that prayers and worships are no more accepted at homes?

@Boxypiper “Churches aren’t running essential services papa.
Do you know what it means for Muslims not to pray on Fridays during Ramadan?

@Ichinazam “Even the Bible preaches of quarantine. God told Moses that if someone had leprosy he had to separated from everyone and kept in isolation. Stop free styling with Christianity and read your bible. Spreading false information like this damages our beliefs.”

@Kene_Onyemaeme “Meanwhile his churches in UK and US are still closed but his Nigerian churches should operate. What do you take Nigeria for? The lockdown was partially lifted because of the impending economic implications on the masses, instead of his Church to support the government he’s smelling a rat.

@Lorenzodgenius “Market is a place where people go to buy basic things they need to survive, church is not. If Oyedepo is a common man, can he and his family survive without food stuffs. What purpose does the church serve right now? This is not about being sentimental, no need for church now.”

@Wolenchy02 “Sentiment aside, Bishop is making sense.Church is more organised than the market and bus stops though, so God help us.”

@Cephas_Basu “He has a point about the church being more orderly than the market.But please all these Pastors should know that not everything is an attack on the church. The paranoia is too much.”

@Supaflyest “Papa doing the most to secure his bag, hurts bad when you suddenly stop seeing free weekly money. Growth and expansion of the church worldwide but 95% of the members are not growing. Market provides food but the church wouldn’t. You are not going to eat the words.God is everywhere!

@Obianuju_Obakpu “What people fail to understand is that we Christians are the church. The body of Christ. Not the building!. No body was stopped from praying and holding services with family in their houses. So you can pray in your house. Market is opened because we have to eat. Eat food!”

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Photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in car crash



Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been involved in a car accident, his spokesman has confirmed.

The four-vehicle crash, which occurred on Friday afternoon, January 21 in Los Angeles left one person with injuries, Los Angeles Police said.

Photos from the scene published by TMZ show a large SUV on top of at least two vehicles at an intersection in Brentwood while the ‘Terminator’ actor can be seen standing nearby.

Police said that no arrest has been made and ruled out the involvement of drugs and alcohol.

Officers did not identify those involved but the actor and former California governor’s spokesman confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that he was driving the SUV when the incident occurred.

A report by police, seen by CBS Los Angeles, said that the SUV driver was “near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue, when a collision occurred with a red Prius making a u-turn as he continued through a ‘red arrow’ signal to turn left.”

It added that the SUV rolled on top of the Prius and ended up hitting two other vehicles.

One person was taken to hospital by ambulance, but the injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

Schwarzenegger’s spokesman said that the actor was uninjured and had spoken with emergency services and the injured person.

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Governors have no business with removal of fuel subsidy, says Fayemi



Kayode Fayemi, chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, stated on Thursday that state governors had no say in whether or not to keep the fuel subsidy.

During a news conference following a meeting of the Governors, Mr Fayemi made the remark.

The group “concluded to engage the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress on how best to address this issue without causing any dissension but with a view to recovering the Nigerian economy for the Nigerian people,” according to the Ekiti State Governor.

However, he argued that the decision wasn’t one for the Governors to make.

“For us at the forum, it is a matter that is a going concern. We don’t have a definite issue on it because it is left to the Petroleum Industry Act. It is not for us. NNPC is now a private company and the company should decide what it wants to do with the price of its products. It shouldn’t really be the business of Governors.

“It is not up to sub-nationals to decide on what happens to PMS pricing. It is an entirely exclusive responsibility of the Federal Government.

“However, we are critical stakeholders and we are members of the National Economic Council, so we contribute to debates in the Council.”

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Fuel subsidy removal will cause more hardship for Nigerians, says Abdulsalami



Former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (rtd.) has warned that the proposed fuel subsidy removal will cause further harm to Nigerians.

Abdulsalami spoke on Thursday at the 19th Daily Trust Summit in Abuja, pointing out that the country is already facing challenges on multiple fronts.

The Buhari administration has made public its plan to stop the payment of fuel subsidy by June 2022.

However, many stakeholders, including the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, feel the move is insensitive and wrongly timed as the citizens are already going through untold hardship.

“Unemployment or underemployment remain at record levels,” General Abdulsalami said, adding “and over 80 million Nigerians are still caught up in needless poverty.

“All of these tend to have negative effects on security.

“In fact, Nigeria now faces a food security crisis that is compounded by the COVID-19 global pandemic and the banditry in many States in Northern Nigeria.

“All of these have disrupted the fragile value chains across the country, and negatively impacted the ability of Nigerians to produce, process and distribute food.

“The result is a continued rise in the prices of food items, beyond the reach of many Nigerian families.

“On top of all these, fuel prices are expected to rise significantly in the coming months as announced last November by the NNPC.

“We all know when this happens, as the government has planned, it will push many millions deeper into poverty.”

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