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Covid-19: Police crash house party and chase off covidiots defying lockdown on Easter



Police were forced to stage an intervention after a huge house party overflowing with lockdown rebels sprung up on Saturday night.

Party-goers showed a complete disregard for the Government’s coronavirus safety measures by gathering in large numbers and packing into a house in Stockton, Durham.

Around two dozen officers were required to attend, along with four paramedics as the illegal gathering spiralled out of control.

The youths showed scant regard for the current Covid-19 crisis which the UK finds itself embroiled in, with many fleeing the scene upon the arrival of the officers while the remainder were immediately instructed to go home.

Strict Government requests to stay indoors and not congregate during the long bank holiday weekend were swiftly ignored as the events were said to rapidly escalate.

Emergency lockdown regulations have now been drafted into UK law, stating clearly that people should only leave the house for essential activity, such as grocery shopping or one instance of daily exercise.