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Outrage as professor of medicine is accused of “colluding” with late Coronavirus patient to hide his travel history from doctors, nurses and burial attendants in Kwara



Kwara is one of the trending topics on Twitter as Nigerians are calling out a professor of medicine who allegedly colluded with a sick UK returnee to mislead doctors about his health status, even after the man died.

Journalist Fisayo Alonge reported that a Coronavirus patient died in University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, UITH, but he was called a liar.

However, the Kwara State Government confirmed it on Twitter on April 6 after the man’s wife and another UK returnee tested positive for Coronavirus.

This led Twitter users to call out the professor of medicine who is a friend of the dead Coronavirus patient.

According to Dr Olufunmilayo on Twitter, the professor of medicine colluded with the UK returnee to go to Ilorin upon his return to Nigeria. Dr Oufunmilayo said with the help of the professor, they were treating the man privately at home even though he was sick and showed Coronavirus symptoms. He was only rushed to the emergency room at UITH when his condition deteriorated.

To make matters worse, the professor is accused of pulling strings to mislead health workers about the man’s health status. The professor allegedly lied that his friend was suffering “food poisoning”.

When the man died, the professor also allegedly pulled strings to see that his body was removed from the hospital and buried.

It wasn’t until Fisayo raised alarm that the man’s wife was tested and it was discovered that she has Coronavirus. It was also revealed that her late husband is the only one she has come in contact with.

Dr Olufunmilayo and other Twitter users are now calling for the professor of medicine to be sanctioned for putting health and funeral workers at risk.

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