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You fumugated Presidential Villa to protect yourself and your family but left the rest of Abuja to their fate– Reno Omokri scolds Buhari



Reno Omokri has yet faulted President Muhammadu Buhari that he only fumigated the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock where he lives with his family against the coronavirus outrage but left the rest of residents of Abuja to their fate.

Earlier today, presidency had ordered fumigation of the villa.

Meanwhile, Lagos State had also began fumigation of the entire state as it records highest cases of coronavirus in the country.

Omokri wrote, “Dear General Buhari, You fumigated Aso Rock to protect only yourself and your family, and left the rest of Abuja to their fate.

“[Governor]Jide Sanwaolu is fumigating the whole of Lagos. You eat at tax payers expense, and provide medical facilities for yourself from the public purse, yet you don’t care they Nigerians starve during #CoronaVirus lockdown, and have little emergency medical supplies beyond what Jack Ma donated.

“Sanwaolu is 10 times the leader you are. You are a disgrace to the word leadership! Your aides may not say this to your face, but few thinking people have any respect for you!”

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