Border closure in northern part of Nigerian has not being effective like other part of the country, ex-director in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Rasheed Akinkuolie has revealed.

“Along the northern borders, the closure doesn’t make sense because there is a thousand routes that could be accessed by using donkeys. Any Customs or immigration official who fails to cooperate with smugglers on these routes may be risking his life,” Akinkuolie told Punch.

He added that the move is only effective in the South but difficult in the North, saying that “the people on both sides of the borders are the same. The Hausa in Nigeria are the same Hausa in Niger Republic. The Kanuri people in Nigeria are also on the other side of the border.

He continued, “Many Cameroonians are in the Nigerian Army, the Foreign Service and other institutions. They simply cross to their home towns on foot and they use the same market as their Nigerian neighbours. So, the closure is more effective in the south than in the north.

Further assessing the border closure, he said it is not something that done causally, it but allowed during war, to prevent an incursion into your territory. But it is not the kind decision you take for the purpose of stopping smuggling.

“How many borders are in the world? Maybe there are 5,000 country-to-country borders. So you get institutions that are well equipped to monitor the borders, but you don’t close them. You use surveillance cameras, drones, and other equipment or facilities because nobody can monitor a border 100 per cent, except you build walls.”


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