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Demolished house: Ile Arugbo beyond physical structure– Saraki breaks silence



The former Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has warned that the demolished house of his late father for the aged women, popularly refers to as Ile Arugbo, is beyond physical structure.

FELLOW PRESS reported that Kwara State government on Thursday morning demolished the home where Bukola Saraki’s father, Olusola Saraki, takes care of aged women (arugbo), which was the property of Saraki family.

The government had revoked the land on basis of illegal acquisition, adding that Saraki family should produce documents backing the ownership if truly it was purchased.

Reacting to the government move, Bukola Saraki had challenged the State government for dishonouring his late father and going beyond its boundary.

Now that the Ile Arugbo structure has been demolished, Saraki has assured that justice would prevail, while he appreciated sympathizers who gave full expression.

Saraki’s statement reads:

“Following the development this morning in Ile Arugbo, I want to commend the women and men, old and young, who displayed their affection, love and staunch support for my late father and the family. I appreciate the genuine support of the women and youths who stood firmly in the face of aggression and naked show of force.

“Your action throughout the night gave full expression to my belief that what Ile Arugbo represents to all of us is etched in our hearts. It goes beyond the physical structure. I am happy that you were not intimidated as you stood your ground. This day will go down as the day you reciprocated the love and affection my father and family have for you. You have displayed a gesture of goodwill and passionate love. We assure you that justice shall prevail in a not too distant future. May God bless us all.”

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