Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), has called on Nigerians to reject the Hate Speech Bill in its entirety.

He made his position known at the church’s Shiloh annual event and monitored by FELLOW PRESS on Tuesday.

Oyedepo said the government wants to gag critical voices because it had failed to carry out it’s constitutional responsibilities.

He said, “They said hate speech. That’s the craziest idea ever. So if you are wrong, they shouldn’t say you are wrong? If the road is bad, they cannot say the road is bad? You cannot silence a prophet.

“Are we going forward or backward as a nation? Are the roads better? So why are you not talking? Let’s join hands together and evil shall not prevail.

“They are not hanging killers and they want to hang speakers. That bill is dead on arrival.”


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