China on Wednesday issued its first national standards for nursing home care services for people with disabilities.

The standards, to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, apply to nursing home facilities for working-age persons with intellectual, mental and severe physical disabilities.

The standards include service contents, requirements and procedures, as well as management and service evaluation.

Feng Shanwei, a researcher at the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) said China’s socialised nursing home care services were mainly aimed at orphans and disabled children below 16 years and elderly people over 60.

Nursing home care services for people with disabilities will help disabled adults with difficulties get access to basic care services and self-care training, she said.

Some disabled adults can also achieve self-reliance and employment, thus reducing their family burdens, Feng added.

According to a statement jointly issued by the CDPF and seven other departments in 2012, nursing home care services for people with disabilities is an effective measure to help those with intellectual physical disabilities.

The nursing home care services also help people with mental and severe physical disabilities to participate in social life on an equal footing.

The services could also help reduce their family burdens, as well as promote social harmony and stability, the statement reads.


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