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Group protest Tinubu’s ‘political dictate’ in Lagos



Lagos Democracy Advancement Forces, a socio-political group, has said Tinubu, should cease to dictate the political pace of the state.

Their statement follow the rift between Tinubu and the state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, which has generated so much controversies leading Tinubu in the lookout to replace the governor in the forthcoming election.

The group noted that the political atmosphere in the state was unnecessarily overcharged due to the “shenanigans of one individual desperate to maintain a political stranglehold on the state.”

The group said, “Lagos State cannot continue to be in the pocket of Asiwaju Tinubu. 2019 provides an auspicious opportunity for a mass political revolution by Lagosians to liberate the state from continued political and economic enslavement.

“Lagos State with a population of almost 30 million people is a mini Nigeria and cannot continue to pay homage to the insatiable appetite of a political tarantula.’’

Speaking at a news conference in Lagos on Thursday, Convener of the group, Mark Adebayo, said there was the need to stop the state from continuing to be a pawn on the chessboard of an individual.

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