The fatal accident on Saturday morning which occurred few miles away from Guru Maraji, along Lagos-Ibadan express way, has left many passengers languishing in pain.

FELLOW PRESS’ correspondent who was at the scene of the accident said about 11 passengers were seriously injured, but sighting officers of the Nigeria Custom Service was a big relief to them thinking the officers would rescue the victims.

But onlookers were all shocked to the marrow with the unconcerned attitude of the men of NCS, as their vehicle passed by the victims without rescuing the dying passengers lying helpless on the road.

Reacting to the incident, one of the passersby expressed his sadness at the nonchalant attitude of the officials.

He said, “They probably think this is not their responsibility to rescue victim. But we are talking about human lives here. I’m highly disappointed at the way men of the Nigeria Custom Service did nothing to rescue the dying passengers.”


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