Professor of Political Economy and Management Expert and All Progressives Congress, APC governorship aspirant in Delta State, Professor Patrick Utomi, yesterday urged prospective entrepreneur to be a transformational rather than transactional entrepreneur.

Utomi who spoke at the public presentation of a book by the Founder of ABC Transport Plc, Frank Nneji titled, “Who says you can’t?” in Lagos, said in today’s Nigeria context there were  lots of transactional businessmen and women conformable with the status quo.

He contended that such categories of people could not move the nation forward. Utomi who was represented by Ubong Essien, said “You will never influence the world by think the same way people do. You need to think differently. There are two kinds of people in the world, the reasonable one who adapt himself to his environment and unreasonable man who seek to adapt his environment to his own vision of how the world should be.

“Frank Nneji did not invent transportation sub-sector, but he redefine it. He had a vision and pursues it. He asked himself, why can’t we have aviation experience on the land? He did not say he want to have certain number of cars and branch but rather think of how to do things differently which eventually gave birth to ABC transport 25 years ago. Giving insight into the book, Presenter and Producer, Channels Book Club, Mr. Kunle Kasumu said that “Who says you can’t?” written by Frank Nneji focuses more on the lessons and experiences of author in business. Kasumu informed that the book aimed to inspire, motivate and challenge the readers to start thinking differently.

“The book asked and answered so many questions such as, who say you can’t do what? Who says you can’t be what? Who says you can’t do what? The book capture an important business stories, the story on how curious little boy grown to become one of the country leading business entrepreneur.

“Consultant desire to add value and solve problem led him to start a unique transportation company after experienced discomfort in an overcrowded badly manage bus. That ABC transport company he started 25 years ago has transformed Nigeria road transport industry.

In his own remark, author of the book, Frank Nneji said among others,  “The book also has the account of my contribution to the industry through advocacy and teaches that entrepreneurs should also direct their efforts towards bringing change in our environment.

For example, a documentary which was financed and produced by our company on the poor condition of the roads was the trigger for the establishment of the road Maintenance Task Force and later FERMA.


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