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7 things to note about N-POWER DEVICE-



Many people have been asking about the devices, some have asked because they are excited, some others have just been rude and accusatory.

Now you all know the Federal Government of Nigeria entered into an Asset Finance Agreement with the Bank of Industry to provide devices.

There are 8 vendors preapproved by the Bank of Industry to deliver those devices.

Some of those vendors have delivered their devices, some other vendors have not.

Some of the vendors that have delivered have delivered just a percentage and will be delivering the remaining shortly.

Now for the devices that have been delivered, a team is currently pre-loading each device with over one million resources which includes videos, textbooks and so much more.

The Network provider giving the free one year internet will also take a stab at the devices.

No one is trying to stop the devices from getting into your hands.

All parties are working assiduously to ensure that the devices get into your hands in the shortest time possible.

So when we ask you to be patient, be patient.

It is working together for YOU!

Remember this Device Delivery Update is for those who selected devices before March 27th, 2017.

1. Federal Government of nigeria entered into an Asset Finance agreement with the Bank of Inductry, to provide beneficiaries, devices that will serve both as a work tool and a training tool.
2.President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration extended an additional 4500 naira device credit to beneficiaries to ensure that any device that you pick will have minimal or zero impact on your regular N30,000 stipend.

3.There are 8 vendors pre-approved by the Bank of industry to deliver the devices.

  • Brain N-Power IPAC
  • RLG Adulawo
  • Afri-One
  • Samsung Tab E
  • Zinox Z Pad
  • Techno Pad
  • Floss Signatures
  • Speedstar

4.Batch A means beneficiaries who selected devices on or before March 27th, 2017.

5. Batch B means beneficiaries who selelcted deviced between March 27th till now

6. 116,39 beneficiaries selected devices before March 27th, 2017. They are in Batch A.

7. Batch B orders have not been place yet.

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