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MMM: 3 things to expect as ponzi makes comeback



The popular ponzi scheme, Mavrodia Mondia Moneybox, MMM, has been faced with another turbulent moment as ‘investors’ Mavro (fund) are trapped in a possible loss; and additional loss for those who were victims of the December ‘break’.

MMM: 3 things to expect as ponzi makes comeback

Participants GH (Get Help, term used in MMM for fund withdrawals) have been reverted without been honoured. The scheme said the system is adjusting and needed time to do.

MMM is a pier-to-pier donation scheme.

The announcement on the Ponzi scheme’s website on the August 2, inviting members to participate in prom contest, to evangelize for new members, might have been occasioned by another imminent disaster in MMM.

Recall that FELLOW PRESS, News Agency of Nigeria and other Nigerian media had reported yesterday, how MMM promised participants who recruit new members most to earn as much as N500,000.

The message in part reads:

Please remember that promo-tasks have a high importance of their own: you promote the Community and thus contribute to its growth; you also invite new people and register them as your referrals. You can complete both online and offline tasks. The promo-task contest is a serious tool aimed at Community growth. We will continuously adjust and refine it.

Join the contest, become a winner and help the Community grow!

By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome!

Now let’s get to the real talk. Things to expect with the MMM comeback, with its juicy promotional offer.

  1. MMM is really coming back STRONGER. We take them for their words, as the scheme said all of its homework, behind the scene, which has affected withdrawal is for the participants’ benefit.Participants are no longer allowed to withdraw their donation once in lump-some, but in piecemeals, perhaps, at 4 rolling weeks or as may be determined by the at the moment.This, according to the promoters, will discourage the ‘hit and run’ syndrome and make the system self-sustaining and last.If the method succeeds, it might be a plus for the ponzi and its community. Die another day would be the theme. THUMB UP there!
  2. What if the participants react coldly? There are strong indications that most participants might feel arm-twisted, as they already have money on the platform and are asked to donate more in order to get out their initial fund.Some might react positively to the new development but those who do otherwise will in no small measure drag the platform backward.Remember the system is rob ask Peter to pay Paul.
  3. Worst case Scenario. If you didn’t see it coming, probably you are sentimental. If you can relate fact, the December ‘break’ which had many thousands of million naira hooked started like this.Yes, partial payment to participants is ongoing, but what is the chance participants, most of whom still have recent money plus last year’s hanging, will be willing to comply with the new modality of partial withdrawal, conditioned by additional PH (Providing Help, to give donation)?

It is left for reader to decide which of the possibilities to believe. Keeping fingers crossed!

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