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Osinbajo: Christianity calls to sacrifice, is above everything




Nigerian Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo has disclosed that Christianity is above everything because he already had a blueprint for the transformation of the nation long before his emergence as running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari for the 2015 presidential election.


Mr. Osinbajo said his proposed pathway for the development of Nigeria was developed with other other two pastors, Ituah Ighodalo and Kemela Okara.

The Acting President made the statement at the 7th anniversary celebration of Trinity House in Lagos.

Osinbajo maintained that the Senior Pastor of the church, Ighodalo, who he described as a politician, held several meetings in Lagos him and Okara with the aim of fashioning out a way forward for Nigeria.

“We were just committed to the idea that Christianity itself is a force for change, for transforming nations, men and women and for doing those things God has called us to do, namely disciplining the nations.

“Christianity is above everything; Christianity believes that the means of transforming nations are not controlled by the flesh and so, we agreed that unlike any other set of beliefs, Christianity calls up to sacrifice in order to transform.

“And so, we are enjoined to love our neighbours, to pray for those who despise us and pray for those we should condemn; even when we know that some would want us to fall, we are meant to pray for them and not to revenge.

“The compelling power of the gospel of Jesus Christ has not been because Christians confronted others by physical force.

“It has been because Christians had confronted others with love and compassion and with the strength of grace behind them; and that is what will change our nation and that is what will change the world.

“That is the fundamental of the Trinity Accord,” Osinbajo emphasised, urging the crowd at the Trinity House not to be surprised as to where the Lord is taking Pastor Ighodalo.

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