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Following an accusation made against three lawmakers by the United States Ambassador, James Entwistle who filed a sexual related offence petition against the lawmakers for their conduct during an official business to the United States, one of the accused lawmakers has made a shocking turn around accusation.

Recall that the accusation has led to the withdraw of the affected lawmakers’ visas and has thus brought them before a panel of investigation set up to further investigate the claims made by the US envoy.

In a new development, one of the accused lawmakers, ha in turn accused the US envoy of racial bias adding that the allegation levelled against him along with two other House of Representatives members was premeditated.

Hon. Mark Gbillah who disclosed this yesterday further said: “The US Ambassador from the onset had a condescending attitude towards us as a group. He was scheduled to meet with us but never did.

“Even when I met him at a function, I walked up to him and introduced myself as one of the participants of the programme, he condemningly responded that I was one of the members who embarrassed him in his country. It was in that brief encounter that I learnt of the allegation and even advised him to make a formal report not aware that I was part of the supposed persons.

“Cleveland and Ohio as a state is known for racism. There have been cases where non-whites were accused for offences that turned out to be false. Recently, a man of Arabian extraction was accused of being a member of ISIS by a clerk of a hotel just because he was dressed in an Arabian attire and spoke Arabic. He was arrested but later found to be innocent”.

He added: “The ambassador is not exempted from this racial prejudice given his background and he made this manifest in the way and manner he handled this issue”.

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