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Olakunle Adeniyi, Ilorin

Rev’d. Dr. Taiye Adeola of Emmanual Baptist Church, Ilorin has tasked members on sensing the divine presense, saying it’s God’s desire to consantly reveal Himself to humanity.

While delivering Easter Sunday message, the cleric noted that unpalatable life experiences is the major factor why many doubts the presense of God around them. But yet God is everywhere and in all situation even when He is not felt or see.

Rev’d Taiye Adeola

Rev’d Adeola quoted part of the Scriptures when Jesus, while on the cross and felt abandoned, had to cry out questioning God, “Why have You forsaken me?”

He added that Jesus’ situation was gloomy on Friday when He was cruxified but by Sunday He had risen gloriously through the power of God. He said God is able to turn all situations around for good.

The cleric said people experience God differently. While some had direct encounter with Him, some who are yet to have the experiece should not doubt the existence and proximity of God.

“For you not to have encountered God does not nullify the claims of those who had the encounter. God is real and desires humanity to feel His presense”, he said.

Highlighing obstacles that could make people not to sense God’s presense around them and citing the example from Bible after Jesus rose on the third day, from Luke 24 from verse 13, Adeola said the identity of Jesus was hidden from the disciples.

They were also clouded with unbelief, overwhelmed with grief of the death of Jesus, and they never expected him to walk on earth after resurrection. “Jesus walked with them on the road, yet they did not recognize Him”, Adeola said.

He said God still have the desire to make his presense known to humanity even today as He often communicates through the Bible, pastors and men of God and parents. God desire to reveal Himself to those who will pay attention.

On the final note the cleric huged members to have desire for God and have good attitude, maintain a good state of heart, and pay attention to God in order to experience the divine presense.

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